I Beg of You. Stop Using Lorem Ipsum Everywhere!

Last Christmas (2013), I went above and beyond to purchase for my wife a $200 bottle of perfume. And this thing was tiny! But I absolutely loved the smell, and I wanted my wife to have something slightly expensive and disposable.

Now, my wife's perfume is best utilized in very small doses. If she decides to start spraying this liquid from head to foot, I think it's safe to say that everybody in the room will vomit. 

And that's a lot like Lorem Ipsum. Use where appropriate. And never overdo it.

As a designer, you should know when and where to use Lorem Ipsum. If you don't, let me help you a little. Only use Lorem Ipsum in wireframes or for large paragraphs of text in high-fidelity comps. Anywhere else, use your cognitive skills to write clear and contextual labels, phrases, comments, paragraphs, headings, or whatever. 

You should be quite aware of the product that you're designing, so it shouldn't be too difficult to create mock scenarios, names, times, or locations. Putting a little extra thought into your comps will help the client understand in a much more clear manner the intent of your design. They won't ever have to ask you questions like, "What's all of this Greek doing here?" or raise concerns like, "I thought you were going to let us write the content for the website?" 

To make it a little more clear when not to use Lorem Ipsum, read further.

Don't use Lorem Ipsum if:

  • it's really Bacon Ipsum and you think the client will get a kick out of it.
  • it's a comment section and you don't want to create a comment scenario.
  • it's a user's bio area and you are stumped about who the ideal user is.
  • you can't think of anything to write.
  • you're late on a project and just want to finish up and move on.
  • there's lots of screens and you just need some sleep.

Use Lorem Ipsum if:

  • you are wireframing and absolutely need text in the wireframe.
  • you are creating high-fidelity comps and the section of text is monstrously long. But keep in mind that the client should easily understand why you're using this dummy text. For example, a Terms of Service page is great for Lorem Ipsum.

You wouldn't go spraying perfume everywhere, so let's not spray Lorem Ipsum all over our client's project.