Interaction Design

One of my favorite paradigms to design for are mobile walkthroughs. Not only do walkthroughs introduce the user to the app, but there are so many distinct ways to create delightful interactions. This is most likely the first connection a user makes to your app. Why not make it fun and unique, making your product memorable to everybody who touches it?

One interaction that I was privileged to create was for an iOS app called Chroma. Users use Chroma to archive their favorite things, from sea shells to Lego characters. Following are four walkthrough screens that I designed for Chroma and a movie created in After Effects to give a general idea to the development team how the interaction should flow.

Chroma Walkthrough

Download the Chroma walkthrough video to see the interaction in motion.


VZIBL Analytics

Another fun interaction I recently designed was for the analytics in VZIBL, an iOS application for micro-photography. The idea was that in portrait mode, the data shown was in a list view. When the user turned the phone to landscape, the window split open to reveal dynamic graph information.